Final Posters
Previous Iterations
My intention with this graphic was always to create something visually pleasing enough that students would want to keep the poster around, so that they could refer to the information at a later date.
The tough thing about sustainability is the incredible level of nuance involved with being truly sustainable. For this you can look at the Life Cycle Assessment or LCA of any particular product; researchers compare various "environmentally" friendly alternatives, but have to take into account every resource used from the water to grow the raw materials to the gas to transport the product.  Originally, I attempted to bring in all of the complex information for each product simply through text, though this proved cluttered and in the end ineffective. 
Through a lengthy revision process, I ended up cleaning up my drawings, zooming in on the products, and reducing the information to general sustainability remarks. I hope to create more work like this in the future, but find ways to incorporate more of the data.
To the right is one of my favorite previous drafts.